Huge French - Interlingua dictionary now in print

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is the other piece of news from a few days ago; here's part of the announcement:

Con su 51.000 parolas, le nove "Dictionario Francese-Interlingua" es le dictionario le plus grande que ha apparite in francese.

Piet Cleij, le vice-secretario dynamic del Union Mundial pro Interlingua (UMI), ha justo publicate le prime edition del enorma "Dictionnaire Français-Interlingua". Le 450 paginas A4 appare in un volumine e costa 25 euros + le porto postal.

In le curso del 57 annos passate il ha habite plure dictionarios minor e vocabularios minor pro francophonos...ora le francophonos ha un obra extense que se basa non solmente super le "Interlingua-English Dictionary" (IED).

With its 51,000 words, the new "French-Interlingua Dictionary" is the largest dictionary that has appeared in French.

Piet Cleij, the dynamic vice-secretary of the UMI, has just published the first edition of the enormous "French-Interlingua Dictionary". The 450 A4 pages appear in one volume and cost 25 euros plus postage.

In the course of 57 years there have been many minor dictionaries and vocabularies for Francophones have an extensive work not based solety on the "Interlingua-English Dictionary" (IED).

25 euros looks like a good deal to me.


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