Enormous Interlingua dictionary now available (Interlingua-Dutch)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

News from about a week ago: take a look at the size of this dictionary. Huge. It could use some work on the design, but one thing about Interlingua is that it already has a term for just about anything and everything a serious international language needs. It's always a bit disheartening with some languages that have a very good design (Novial for example) but only a few thousand words, while the rest have to be inferenced from the first few thousand. That can take a long time especially when writing in a subject (astronomy for example) that the language has never had written content in before.

Un del dictionarios le plus grande in interlingua ha apparite in duo volumines con plus que 1.000 paginas.
One of the largest dictionaries in Interlingua has appeared in two volumes with more than 1,000 pages.

Le "Dictionario interlingua-nederlandese" per Piet Cleij, le vice-secretario del Union Mundial pro Interlingua, es preste in su 9ne edition, ora imprimite per le casa editorial espaniol Lulu.com. Le dictionario es un tresor pro primarimente omnes, qui parla o comprende nederlandese, ma anque alteres pote haber grande uso de illo pro controlar formas e parolas in interlingua.

The "Interlingua-Dutch Dictionary" by Piet Cleij, the vice-secretary of the UMI, is ready in its 9th edition, now printed by the Spanish editing house Lulu.com. The dictionary is a treasure for almost everybody who speak and understand Dutch, but others can also obtain great use from it in checking forms and words in Interlingua.

The price: 40 euros. In a while though there's supposed to be an even larger version in three volumes and 2,000 pages, for 69 euros.


E finalmente le "Dictionnaire Français-Interlingua" (Dictionario francese-interlingua" de 456 paginas A4 in un singule volumine es super le puncto de esser imprimite. Le precio de illo essera 25 euros plus porto postal.

And finally the "French-Interlingua Dictionary" of 456 A4 pages in a single volume is on the point of being printed. Its price will be 25 euros plus mailing charges.


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