Early voting numbers so far in the 2008 election

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huffington Post has quite a detailed writeup summarizing the numbers so far, so take a look at them with special attention on the battleground states this year to get an idea on how things are going. There are already a few states that are already approaching the total number of voters in 2004, and with still a week left to go along with the official election day. Taking a look at Nevada for example:


Democrats lead 54.4% to 29.1% among early voters. Early voters constituted 59.4% of all voters in 2004; this year, early voting to this point is equivalent to 44% of all 2004 numbers.

Election officials in Nevada only report party registration for Clark and Washoe counties, where the major cities of Las Vegas and Reno are located. There, early voters have been trending heavily Democratic: 161,463 to 90,017.

The two counties account for about 90 percent of the state's population, and Democratic turnout is currently about 75 percent higher than turnout for Republicans, according to The Early Voting Center.


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