"Neuer Morgen" by German band Blumfeld with transcription and translation

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blumfeld is one of my favourite German bands and this is one of their better songs, and one especially good for study as well:

I'm not that good at German but a song like this isn't too hard to translate. There still might be some errors though so let me know in the comments below if there are any or if there's a better way to translate the song. I always aim for a literal translation, even if awkward, so keep that in mind. The chorus is in bold.

There are at least two other songs of theirs that I think I'll have a go at too.

Edit September 21: A helpful anonymous poster has made two corrections.

Wenn du mit Deiner Kraft am Ende bist When you are at the end of your strength
und die Leere wie ein Spiegel ist and the emptiness is like a mirror
Du bist allein und kommst nicht damit klarYou are alone and don't come clear (=have problems)
Du siehst dich durch die Straßen gehenYou see yourself go through the streets
Und kannst die Welt und dich nicht mehr verstehenAnd you can't understand the world and yourself anymore
Du fühlst dich fremd - nichts ist mehr, wie es warYou feel strange - nothing is anymore like it was
und an ein neues Glück zu denken, fällt dir schwerAnd it's hard to think about new luck
Es kommt dir vor, als gäb' es keine Hoffnung mehrIt seems to you that there is no more hope
Gib nicht auf - es kommt ein neuer Morgen
Don't give up - there is a new morning
Laß es raus - den Schmerz und Deine SorgenLet it go - the pain and your worries
Mach dich frei - von allen falschen ZwängenFree yourself - from all false constraints
Nimm dir Zeit - und lern dich selber kennen
(second part: und lern das Leben kennen)
Take your time - and learn to know yourself
(second part: and learn about life)
Und wenn du denkst, dass du am Ende bistAnd when you think that you're at the end
weil die Leere wie ein Spiegel istbecause the emptiness is like a mirror
Du schaust dich an und kommst nicht damit klarYou look at yourself and don't come clear (=have problems)
Und deine Freunde können dich nicht verstehenAnd your friends can't understand you
Du möchtest nichts und niemand sehenYou want to see nothing and no one
Du fühlst nichts mehr und nichts ist, wie es warYou feel nothing more and nothing is as it was
Du könntest weinen, doch zu weinen fällt Dir schwerYou could cry but it's too hard to cry
Man könnte meinen du hättst keine Tränen mehr
One might think you would have no more tears
Es lockt Dich raus mit seinem Licht
It lures you away with its light
Alles erstrahlt in seinem GlanzEverything shines in its splendour
Die Sonne streichelt dein GesichtThe sun strokes your face
Davorn spielen Kinder mit 'nem BallThere play children with a ball
Und Vögel singen überall:And birds sing everywhere


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your nice blog. As requested I have some corrections for your translation of the Blumfeld song:

"Es kommt dir vor, als gäb' es keine Hoffnung mehr."
It seems to you that there is no more hope.

"Du möchtest nichts und niemand sehen"
You want to see nothing and no one.

Me said...

Great, thanks! I'll be doing another two in a day or two so I hope you come back and take a look at those too.

After that I'll have to see if I can find any other good German bands, as I don't know many besides Blumfeld and a few others.

Unknown said...

Nice translation! :)

Just one minor correction. In the part where it is written
"und an ein neues Glück zu denken",
he actually says in the video
"und an ein neues Glück zu glauben".

[Just replace "denken" ("think") by "glauben" (literally, "find").]

Anonymous said...

great thanks!:)

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