Free Bislama newspaper launched: The Vanuatu Wikli Post

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aerial view of central Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

This is from a month ago:

Vanuatu’s first ever-free distribution Bislama language newspaper, the Vanuatu Wikli Post has been officially launched this week.

Over 3000 copies of the 100% Bislama language Wikli Post newspaper will be distributed to every airstrip on the Air Vanuatu domestic network over the course of a week and from there they will be picked up and distributed to different communities to read, pass around and share. It is anticipated that many people will share one copy and often in communities they will be read out to everyone.

Based on experiences in 1993 when a similar monthly newspaper was trialed, a staggering number of people shared one copy and papers were still being read and passed around months later.
Here's how they are making sure the language is standardized:
The newspaper has utilised the TVET Bislama language spell check to ensure that the Bislama used in the paper is standardised. People interested in putting news and advertising in the paper are urged to contact newly appointed editor Ricky Binihi and Advertising manager John Patterson for further details. Free translation of advertisements into Bislama is also offered.

The Wikli Post is expected to attract considerable interest and support from multi national companies who sell products in trade stores nationwide, as well as NGO’s, government departments and businesses interested in promoting their products in the national language in the only free distribution newspaper aimed at rural Vanuatu where the bulk of the population resides.
The image on the article has the following headlines:
  • Kakae plante moa lokol kakae: Leong
  • 360 man blong stanap long Septemba


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