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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Willemstad ta e kapital i stat mas grandi di Kòrsou i di Antias Hulandes i tin un populashon di mas o menos 125.000.

Here's another good place to watch and listen to news and programs in Papiamento, the creole language in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao mainly based on Portuguese with a touch of Spanish and a good amount of Dutch. Papiamento is quite popular among IAL advocates because as a creole not only is it easy to learn compared to other Romance languages with grammatical gender, difficult conjugation and whatnot, but due to its vocabulary and nearly phoenetic spelling it also looks a lot like an IAL. Here's an example from one of the programs:
Noticia Hubenil ta un programa di noticia specialmente pa nos hobennan y cu ta wordo presenta pa dos hoben talentoso. E intencion di Noticia Hubenil ta pa trece noticianan y otro topiconan di interes pa e hobennan den un forma cu e hobennan ta comprende facilmente. E programa aki ta pasa tur diasabra pa 7 or di anochi y ta wordo presenta pa Lyrick Bermudes y Seychella Koolman.

Noticia Hubenil is a news program especially for our youth and the ones representing this program are two talented youth. The of goal this program is to introduce news and interesting topics in a way that it captures the attention and understanding of the youth. This program airs every Saturday at 7 pm. The anchors are: Lyrick Bermudes and Seychella Koolman.
The other good thing about Papiamento compared to other creoles is that it's used in a part of the world that is both stable and close to both North and South America. Tok Pisin and Bislama are quite good languages as well but they are both out in the middle of nowhere, Papua New Guinea isn't the safest country at all and Vanuatu is composed of island after island. This relative economic prosperity that the ABC Islands (Lesser Antilles) have gives Papiamento a much better online presence, and this station is one example.

The other nice thing about it is that it uses Flash for the videos. Nothing's worse than a news site that still uses Windows Media Player streams or something similar.


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