Two large articles in German and English present Interlingua

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I like these updates they have on, because most of them come completely out of the blue and have nothing to do with the online activity that we see so much on Auxlang and other areas of the internet that can often seem like the only place where international auxiliary languages exist. But there's also quite a bit of activity going on behind the scenes as well, and very often this is of the highest quality (highest quality = lots of content, no squabbling over this or that aspect of the language).

Here's what this update says, with English translation provided by me:

Duo grande articulos super interlingua ha essite publicate in anglese e germano.
Two large articles on Interlingua have been published in English and German.

Tote le copertura del section "Wochenend-Journal" del quotidiano Augsburger Allgemeine presentava le 5 de julio interlingua, gratias a un grande interview con Sven Frank, 33 annos, active germano e organisator del prime conferentia german de interlingua. "Bon die! Grüß Gott!" dice un grande illustration capturante del jornal que es publicate in le citate Augsburg.
The entire front of the section "Wochenend-Journal" of the daily Augsburger Allgemeine presented Interlingua on the 5th of July, thanks to a large interview with Sven Frank, age 33, an active German and organizer of the first German Interlingua conference. "Bon die! Grüß Gott!" says a large captivating illustration of the journal that is published in the city of Augsburg.
Le articulo narra del prime conferentia german, e proque interlingua es un lingua utile in multe situationes. Illo describe le planos de establir un Deutsches Interlingua-Institut, educar professores de linguas e traductores, introducer interlingua in instructiones/manuales e menus, etc. pro assecurar un uso plus general.
The article talks of the first German Interlingua conference, and why Interlingua is a useful language in many situations. It describes the plans to establish a "Deutsches Interlingua-Institut" (German Interlingua Institute), educate professors of languages and translators, introduce Interlingua in instructions/manuals and menus etc. to secure a more general use.
In un grande section con factos, interlingua, le Union Mundial pro Interlingua e su magazin Panorama in interlingua es presentate, le adresse electronic de Sven Frank es publicate, e il ha un exemplo de un texto in interlingua, prendite de "Le princessa dormiente" del fratres Grimm, traducite per Sven Frank pro le Bibliotheca electronic in interlingua de
In a large section with facts, Interlingua, the Union Mundial pro Interlingua and its magazine Panorama in Interlingua are presented, the e-mail address of Sven Frank is published, and it has an example of a text in Interlingua, taking "The sleeping princess" (Sleeping Beauty) by the brothers Grimm, translated by Sven Frank for the Electronic Library in Interlingua on
Interlingua pro le globalisation
Interlingua for globalization
Le edition primaveral del magazin "Language at Work" (Lingua a labor), publicate in anglese per le Schola Commercial in Århus (Danmark) in collaboration con i.a. le Universitate Suddanese, ha apparite con un articulo ricamente illustrate de sex paginas super interlingua. Le autor es Thomas Breinstrup, secretario del Union Danese pro Interlingua e redactor del Panorama in interlingua.
The spring edition of the magazine "Language at Work", published in English for the Commercial School in Århus (Denmark) in collaboration with the Suddanese University among others, has appeared with a richly illustrated article of six pages about Interlingua. The author is Thomas Breinstrup, secretary of the Union Danese pro Interlingua and editor of Panorama in Interlingua.
Le articulo - "Communications without borders - Interlingua in a globalization perspective" (Communication sin frontieras - Interlingua in un perspectiva de globalisation) - contine multe cassas con factos super i.a. le UMI como organisation international, super le inseniamento de interlingua in gymnasios svedese, un lection fulmine de interlingua con vocabulario e grammatica e, naturalmente, un "Summario in interlingua". Le articulo describe detaliatemente interlingua, le uso practic del lingua, le utilitate de apprender lo, le UMI, le conferentias international de interlingua, le 11me incontro nordic de interlingua in julio-augusto 2008 etc. On trova le adresse de Internet del UMI ( e vide i.a. un photo de un integre pagina del demonstration pro interlingua durante le 10me incontro nordic de interlingua in 2006 e un grande photo de un assortimento ric e variate del litteratura in interlingua.
The article - "Communications without borders - Interlingua in a globalization perspective" - contains many boxes with facts about the UMI as an international organization, about the learning of Interlingua in Swedish schools, a quick Interlingua lesson with vocabulary and grammar and, naturally, a "Summary in Interlingua". The article describes Interlingua in detail, the practical use of the language, the usefulness in learning it, the UMI, the international Interlingua conferences, the 11th Nordic meeting in Interlingua in July-August 2008 etc. One can find the address of the UMI on the internet ( and see a photo of a whole page of the demonstration of Interlingua during the 10th Nordic Interlingua meeting in 2006 and a large photo of a rich and varied assortment of literature in Interlingua.
Un serie de usatores active de interlingua describe in le articulo como interlingua pote assecurar communication sin frontieras - le motto del Union Mundial pro Interlingua durante decennios.
A series of active Interlingua users describe in the article how Interlingua can assure communication without borders - the motto of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua for decades.


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