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Monday, August 04, 2008

I haven't signed up for this site but I just discovered and it looks like it would be really good for international auxiliary languages considering the small size, and since the video is up at I've done a very rough translation into Interlingua. I hope to do a translation into Occidental and Ido as well though I'm not sure when. To see the translation there just click on the bar below and change languages:

It's an especially good idea with IALs because of its ability to bring them into one's daily life, which can remove the barrier somewhat between one's 'real life' and 'IAL life' online. You might be at a coffee shop with a friend of yours for example when a message comes in on your mobile in Interlingua/Occidental/Ido/Esperanto/LFN/what have you and you'll be able to show them that your friend in some other country is now getting on the tram, for example, showing that the language has applications in real life and is being used now in real life as well.

I guess I should probably sign up now after having written all this.


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