Indo-European language revival now has group on Facebook

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just in case you use Facebook a lot and have an interest in the project, you may want to consider joining this group.

They've also selected a symbol for the language:

The Association is represented by the French Chauvet Cave Bear logo, because it represents the oldest tradition/history of Central Europe and therefore its original, prehistorical inhabitants. We eventually selected a symbol to represent the language (and therefore projects like Europaiom), the Danish solvogn or “sunwagon“, because that is probably the oldest representation we have of what are (and were) common symbols of those who spoke Europe’s Indo-European in the latest PIE community in Northern Europe until ca. 4.000 years ago: the horse and the wheel, or, better, the horse and the wagon. The solvogn (of ca. 1800-1600 BC) was most probably made within an already differentiated Proto-Germanic community, but is nevertheless representative of the common ancient Indo-European language and culture of Europe. It therefore represents the purity looked for with the modern language system in relation to the prehistorical European language we try to revive at Dnghu.
Here's what the solvogn looks like:

Hmm, I wonder if I can make it look a bit more like a symbol instead of a photograph. Here's what it looks like after playing around with it for a bit:

Yeah, that looks much better than the first picture.


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