August 16th: Venus spotted from Seoul

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I live in about the worst place in the world to view the night sky, in the centre of Seoul where it's:

  • bright,
  • generally smoggy,
  • often rainy or cloudy,
  • full of buildings on all sides.
The sun just went down though, and since all of a sudden the sky has cleared up I was just able to see it above the horizon before it was obscured by a building as it went down. The sky was still somewhat bright so Venus was very dim, but it was unmistakably Venus. Here's what the sky looks like right now, from

That tiny Ve way over to the right just above the horizon is Venus. It'll continue to get easier and easier to spot over the next few months as it pulls away from the Sun.


Anonymous said...

There are not that many good places left for stargazing. Any kind of city is pretty much out of the question most of the time. Less pollution would help, but also so would just not keeping lights on all night. I'll never understand why so many businesses have their neon signs blaring at 2 in the morning.

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