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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wardian case, a forerunner of the terrarium, helped protect   Victorian fern collections from the air pollution of the era.
The Wardian case, a forerunner of the terrarium, helped protect Victorian fern collections from the air pollution of the era.

I must admit, having the absolutely huge dictionaries at hand that Interlingua provides makes these translations a lot easier than they would be (and are) with other languages. I may just end up doing most of these stealth translations in Interlingua, we'll see.

These translations, of course, are a shameless attempt to draw attention to IALs by translating content from the front page of Wikipedia (today as well is an article from the did you know...? section) in the hopes that people will notice and take an interest.

The section was just updated less than an hour ago, and the article on Pteridomania, the collecting of ferns during the Victorian Era, is quite interesting. Here's the part from the English article that I did and the Interlingua translation:

English Interlingua

Pteridomania and Fern-Fever are terms for the Victorian era craze of fern collecting and fern motifs in decorative art including pottery, glass, metals, textiles, wood, printed paper, and sculpture "appearing on everything from christening presents to gravestones and memorials."

Pteridomania e Febre de filice es terminos pro le folle de colliger filices in le victorian in que on colligeva filices, motivos de filices in ceramica, vitro, metallos, textiles, ligno, papiro imprinite, e sculptura, "apparente in toto ab donos de baptismo a lapides sepulchral e monumentos conmemorative."


The term pteridomania, which means "Fern Madness" or "Fern Craze", derives from the group of plant to which ferns belong, the Pteridophytes, and the word "mania" meaning "madness" or "craze". It was coined in 1855 by Charles Kingsley in his book Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore in which he wrote:

Your daughters, perhaps, have been seized with the prevailing 'Pteridomania'...and wrangling over unpronounceable names of species (which seem different in each new Fern-book that they buy)...and yet you cannot deny that they find enjoyment in it, and are more active, more cheerful, more self-forgetful over it, than they would have been over novels and gossip, crochet and Berlin-wool.


Le termino pteridomania, que significa "Febre de filice" o "Follia de filice", veni del gruppo de plantas que contine le filices, le Pteridophytes, e le parola mania, que significa "febre" o "follia". Illo esseva create in 1885 per Charles Kingsley in su libro Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore, in que ille scribeva:

Vostre filias, forsan, ha essite prendite del prevalente 'Pteridomania'...e altercante super le nomines de species inpronunciabile (que pare esser differente in tote le libros que illas compra, ma vos non pote negar que illas trova placer in illo, e es plus active, plus allegre, plus negligente de se mesme, que illas haberea essite super romances e commatrage, crochet e Lana de Berlin.


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