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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bombardamento aeree deferroviari depositos de Nazis in Siena durante Operation Strangle.
Bombardamento aeree deferroviari depositos de Nazis in Siena durante Operation Strangle.

What was Operation Strangle? It was:

Operation Strangle was a series of air operations during World War II by the United States Fifteenth and Twenty-first Air Forces to interdict German supply routes in Italy north of Rome from spring March 24, 1943 until the fall of Rome in spring 1944. Its aim was to prevent essential supplies from reaching German forces in central Italy and compel a German withdrawal. The strategic goal of the air assault was to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for a ground assault on the region. Although the initial goal of forcing enemy withdrawal was not achieved, the air interdiction of Operation Strangle played a major role in the success of the subsequent ground assault Operation Diadem.

Today I've chosen to translate this article from English instead of Spanish because there is nothing of particular interest on the Spanish Wikipedia main page at the moment, and this article seems to be going on the front page in the did you know...? section in the next few hours. As I wrote yesterday, due to the lack of a centralized home page for Occidental I suspect that translations in Occidental may end up leading towards Interlingua anyway so I should do translations in Interlingua as well to gauge the interest (if any).

Here's my translation:

Operation Strangle (Operation Strangular) esseva un serie de operationes de aere durante le Secunde Guerra Mundial del dece-quinte e vinti-prime fortias de aere del Statos Unite pro interceptar german routes de provision in Italia, nord de Roma, de 24 martio 1943 usque a le captura de Roma in le primavera de 1994. Su scopo esseva impedir provisiones essential arrivar a fortias german in le centro de Italia, e compeller un retiro german. Le scopo strategic esseva eliminar, o multo reducer le necessitate pro un assalto de terra in le region. Ben que le initial scopo del operation non esseva complite, le interception del aere de Operation Strangle jocava un major rolo in le successo del subsequente assalto de terra, Operation Diadem.

Edit: it's on the front page now, a few hours later:


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