Many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory explained in a video / Universos paralelos en un vídeo de YouTube

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Well, not exactly, but this video on YouTube is a nice visual complement to the interpretation, the idea that a universe exists for every single possibility that exists. Wikipedia does a better job than I can of explaining what the interpretation is about:

Many-worlds claims to resolve all the "paradoxes" of quantum theory since every possible outcome to every event defines or exists in its own "history" or "world". In layman's terms, this means that, in some sense, there is a very large, perhaps infinite, number of universes and that everything that could possibly happen in our universe (but doesn't) does happen in another universe.
The video is that of 1000 cars in a video game called Trackmania, where each one has made a slightly different choice of direction and as a result we can see what happens at the same time when each of them chooses a different path.

There are limits to this of course, because the track is limited whereas in real life options are not, and the video is limited to a one-time splitting of cars into a thousand, whereas in the many-worlds interpretation the number of universes is infinite.

The interesting part of the video starts at 0:50.


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