Hungarian Wikipedia reaches 100,000 articles

Saturday, July 19, 2008


That makes Hungarian the 21st or 22nd Wikipedia to reach the 100,000 point. The reason why I consider it to be the 21st is because Volapük's articles are 99% composed of bot-created articles on cities and towns, so it doesn't really count.

So which article put them over the top? Why, Erdődi Simon of course. Unfortunately I don't know any Hungarian (one of the few languages in Europe I know almost nothing about, though it is on the list of languages to learn eventually), but it seems to be a Catholic from the 15th to 16th century. There's not a shred of information on this person on the internet in any other languages either.

Let's see what I can piece together without knowing any Hungarian:

  • Erdődi Simon was born in Csázma, Croatia in 1489. Or he died there. Or both.
  • He seems to have been a Hungarian Croat. Wikipedia has this on the term natio hungarica: The Zrinskis were Croats and played a crucial role in the history of the Croatian state, both before their arrival in Zrin and later. On the other hand, they also identified as hungarus or natio hungarica, which means "somebody from the Kingdom of Hungary", regardless of the language spoken.
  • He has something to do with this Latin book:
Kép:Bakocz graduale.jpg

And that's it! My guess is that he was a Hungarian Croat priest that wrote a lot in Latin about international Hungarian identity.

Next up for the 100,000 article mark: Slovak.


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