Eddie Izzard talks about Latin on his new tour, Stripped

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eddie Izzard performing

Eddie Izzard's on a new tour right now called Stripped, and there have been precious few videos of it, but I did catch this one-minute clip where he's talking about Latin:

He's also been saying recently that he's interested in running for political office, and if so maybe I'll move to England to volunteer for his campaign. Here's what the Wikipedia article on him has regarding politics:

Izzard has engaged in campaigning work. He is especially well-known as a pro-European Union campaigner supporting the further integration of the UK into the Union. In May 2005 he appeared on the BBC's political debate show Question Time, describing himself as a 'British-European', comparing this to other cultural identities such as 'African-American'. As part of his integration campaigning, he was one of the first people to spend a euro in London. This pan-European approach has influenced his work: he regularly performs in French, an acquired language, and occasionally in German, in addition to English.

On 7 July 2007, Izzard was one of the presenters from the London leg of Live Earth.

During an interview for the 2008 Stripped tour, Izzard spoke about becoming more active in European politics as well as running for political office in Europe within the next decade.

There are a few videos of him on YouTube performing in French as well, so if you're curious what he sounds like in French take a look.


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