Conversation, phrases and simple grammar in Latino sine Flexione - pt. 2

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The language of Rome has had a profound impact on later cultures, as demonstrated by this Latin Bible from 1407

How are you?

How are you?
Quomodo es vos?
I'm good, thank you.
Me es bono, gratias.
How is he?
Quomodo es illo?
He's good.
Illo es bono.
How is she?
Quomodo es illa?
She's sick.
Illa es infirmo.
How is your wife?
Quomodo es vestro marita?
She's good.
Illa es bono.
How is your husband?
Quomodo es vestro marito?
He's angry.
Illo es irato.

What day is today?

What day is today?
Que die es hodie?
What day is tomorrow?
Que die es cras?
What day was yesterday?
Que die es heri?
It's Sunday.
Es soldie.
It's Monday.
Es lunadie.
It's Tuesday.
Es martedie.
It's Wednesday.
Es mercuriodie.
It's Thursday.
Es jovedie.
It's Friday.
Es veneredie.
It's Saturday.
Es saturnodie.

Where are you?

Where are you?
Ubi vos es?
I'm at home.
Me es in domo.
Where am I?
Ubi me es?
Where is he?
Ubi es illo?
He's at school.
Illo es in schola.
Where is she?
Ubi es illa?
She's on an island.
Illa es in insula.
Where are they?
Ubi el illos?
They're in Russia.
Illos es in Russia.

There are...

There's a pencil.
Es grapho.
There's a pen.
Es stilo.
There are some books.
Es aliquo libro.
There are books.
Es libros.
There are books.
Es plure libro.
There are tables.
Es mensas.
There are tables.
Es plure mensa.
There are tables in the school.
Es mensas in schola.
There's a lot of money in the bank.
Es multo pecunia in argentaria.
There's a lot of money in that bank.
Es multo pecunia in illo argentaria.
I need money.
Me necessita pecunia.
I need the money in that bank.
Me necessita pecunia que es in illo argentaria.

Where are you going?

(to) where?
Ad ubi?
Where are you going?
Ad ubi vos vade?
I'm going home.
Me vade ad domo.
Where am I going?
Ad ubi me vade?
You're going to school.
Vos vade a schola.
Where is she going?
Ad ubi illa vade?
She's going to the bookstore.
Illa vade ad bibliopola.
Where are they going?
Ad ubi illos vade?
They're going to the sea.
Illos vade a mare.


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