Venus will be back in view in the evening soon / Venus pronto brillará en el cielo nocturno

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I think I read somewhere that it'll be back in view in the evening starting around the beginning of July. That's good because I don't wake up early in the morning and there are buildings to the east anyway. Venus always looks best when you can start to see it in the evening just as the sun begins to go down, the sky darkens a little bit and there it is right above the horizon, the brightest object in the sky.

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Here's the sky right now as of June 28th:

As the sun goes down in the west (on the right) you can see Venus just above it. It's still too close to see right now though but it's just about in view again. Two weeks later though it'll look like this:

And then by the time September 1st comes around it'll be way up in the sky:

So starting next week or so maybe we'll be able to see it if the sky is clear enough and we look for it as soon as the sun goes out of sight. The sky here in Seoul isn't that clear but I hope to see it again soon.


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