Japanese Wikipedia surpasses 500,000 articles / ウィキペディア日本語版50万項目達成

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Half a million, nice job. Only four other Wikipedias have reached that number, and the Polish Wikipedia though also with over 500,000 articles has a surprisingly low number of edits (less than Spanish, down at 370,000, making their articles likely to be much more detailed) so I still consider the top four to be English, German, French and Japanese.

So what's the special design they're using for this huge milestone? Here it is:

ウィキメディア財団理事選挙の開票結果が発表されています。(Wikimedia zaidanrijisenkyo no kayhyoukekka ga happyou sareteimasu. -- The results of the Wikimedia Foundation's board elections have been announced.)
ウィキペディア日本語版は6月25日に50項目を達成しました。(Wikipedia nihongoban wa 6 gatsu 25 nichi ni 50 man koumoku wo tassei shimashita. -- Wikipedia in Japanese has reached 500,000 articles.)

That's it? Well, congratulations anyway. You don't have to be that modest. Esperanto's still celebrating with this image after all:

Image:Eo Vikipedio 10000.png


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