Creating Spanish-language version of site results in spike in traffic / Aumento de visitantes al sitio web despues traducción al español

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Hispanophone world; the dark blue indicates where it is the official language, and the light blue indicates where it is used as a second language. = Image:SlashdotEffectGraph.svg
In my post on June 12th about how English is not going to become the world's second language is a quote from the British Council's report on the future of English as a language:

An analysis published in November 2005 by Byte Level Research concluded:

This data makes clear that the next Internet revolution will not be in English. While English isn’t becoming any less important on the Internet, other languages, such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, are becoming comparatively more important.

English is by no means the only language in global business. Davis (2003) observes:

While English is a major language, it only accounts for around 30% of the world Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and is likely to account for less in the future. Neglecting other languages means ignoring quite significant potential markets.
In the same vein, a site I've never heard of (because it seems to be a jewelry auction site and two things I have no interest at all in are bidding and jewelry) called reports a significant increase in traffic after creating a Spanish-language version:

Jewelry auction website reported "encouraging results" from its Spanish language version, attracting a traffic spike from Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia during June.

“The Spanish translation of our website is yielding the desired results and we are encouraged that future translations into foreign languages will be equally successful," said David Zinberg, CEO of plans to launch an Arabic translation soon.

Arabic, hm? Interesting that they're going with that instead of something like Chinese for example. I would think that creating a Portuguese version from the Spanish one would be quite easy as well if they are interested in a little bit more traffic for as little effort as possible. shows 58 million users of Portuguese on the internet compared to 122 million for Spanish.


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