Nonni e Manni: part 5

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Time for part 4 of the Ido translation of this Icelandic tale from German. Here are the other two parts. Also don't forget that I'm trying to make the English as close to the original Ido as possible so sometimes it'll be awkward on purpose.

-- Ne kredebla! Kad anke me povus atraktar li?
Unbelievable! Could I also attract them?
-- Certege! se nur tu sucesos plear la justa noti.
But certainly! If only you will succeed in playing the right notes.
Pos ta aserto, me pro la kloko tarda mustis hastirar ad e en mea lito.
After that assertion, I because of the late time had to hurry to and into my bed. (note: the original says hastirar but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be hastigar, to hurry oneself or somebody else)
Mea dormo tote plenesis de flutala sonji. Islando havas nula rati nek serpenti, ma multega fishi. En maro, fyordi, lagi e fluvii, li formikumas. Pro to, me de nun havis nur un ideo, nur un skopo: aquirar fluto e atraktar fishi.
My sleep was completely full of flute-like sounds. Iceland has no rats nor serpents, but a huge amount of fish. In the sea, fyords and rivers, they throng. Because of that, I from now had only one ideo, only one goal: acquire a flute and attract fish.
La morga dio, Arngrim esis apene departinta kande me eniris la chambro di mea patro.
The following day, Arngrim had barely left when I entered the room of my father.
"Patro," me exploze dicis, "me diletegas flutopleo. Me pregas tu, donez a me pekunio por komprar fluto simil a ta di Arngrim."
"Father," I explosively said, "I really like flute-playing. I ask you, give to me money to buy a flute similar to Arngrim's."
Mea patro esis sidant a sua skrib-tablo. Audinte mea subita demando, il apertis granda okuli, pozis la plumo, turnis su sur la stulo e dicis:
My father was seated at his writing table. Hearing my sudden demand, he opened (his) large eyes, set down the pen, turned himself on the chair and said:
"Tu deziras komprar fluto? He! He! Cher es fluto. Me opinionas ke plu bon esus kelke vartar. Ni riparolos pri la afero."
"You want to buy a flute? Ha ha! A flute is expensive. I think it would be better to wait a bit. We will talk about the matter again."


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