Nonni e Manni: part 2

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Part 2 of Nonni e Manni. Here's part 1. I found out yesterday that the original is in German.

Me esis astonegata. La soni tante dolca, quin l'artisto ekirigis de sua instrumento, ravisis me. Me nulfoye dum mea vivo audabis tante bela muziko!

I was astonished. The sounds that sweet, that the artist made come out of his instrument, captivated me. I had never during my life heard such beautiful music!

Ante komencar melodio, Arngrim explikis ol a ni. Il pleis arii maxim diversa: Franca, Angla e Dana; plura de li impresis me tante vivace ke li grabesis por sempre en mea memorado.

Before beginning a melody, Arngrim explained it to us. He played the most diverse airs: French, English and Danish; many of them impressed me so vividly that they were held forever in my memory.

To esis l'unesmafoye ke me savuris tala plezuro, e mea entuziasmo pri ta marveloza muziko esis kontinue kreskanta.

That was the first time that I savoured such pleasure, and my enthusiasm for that marvelous music was continually growing.

Ta vespere, pos ke omni disirabis, me insinuis me aden la chambro di nia gasto, e suplikis lu docar a me sua arto.

That night, after all had gone off, I slipped myself into the chamber of our guest, and appealed to him to teach to me his art.

"Yen demando ne expektita!" respondis Arngrim, astonata da tal zelo muzikal. E preninte mea manui, il adjuntis: "Kar amiketo, nur un nokton me darfas pasigar hike. Tempo tro kurta por ke posiblesez a me facar a tu la servo quan tu deziras."

"Here's an unexpected demand!" responded Arngrim, astonished by that musical zeal. And taking my hands, he added: "Dear little friend, I can only pass one night here. A time too short to be possible for me to do the service that you desire."


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