Ido - Turkish - Kazakh - Mongolian - Korean vocab comparison

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I think I'm going to do a bit of this whenever it strikes me, and I'll make it public here for anybody that wants to compare the languages, and later on hopefully for an Ido-Turkish-Kazakh-Mongolian dictionary, killing four birds with one stone. Since I'm mostly interested in seeing in what way Kazakh is more similar to Mongolian than standard Turkish it's going to be a bit biased towards that, which means that I'll be looking for Kazakh words that are different from standard Turkish and then comparing them to Mongolian, so don't think of this as an accurate sampling. This is the best I can do until I have the opportunity to go to both Kazakhstan and Mongolia (only in the summer!).

Okay, I admit it. I'm only posting this to bring in tons of traffic from the big Ido-Kazakh-Mongolian contrastive linguistics crowd. So what.

I'll write blog posts from time to time if I find anything particularly interesting. Some of these are very interesting already though:

  • Ido - Turkish - Kazakh - Mongolian
  • vidar (look) - bakmak - karav - харах (harah)
  • glacio (ice) - buz - muz - мєс (mes)
  • manuo (hand) - el - kol - гар (gar)
  • granda (large) - büyük - ülken - єргєн (ergen)

By the way, the reason why I'm not writing Mongolian in Latin letters is because I don't know anything about the language yet so I'd probably be off by quite a bit. Later I hope to change this.


Anonymous said...

Just some corrections / additions for Turkish part.

"ak" also means white in Turkish.
"kol" means arm in Turkish.
"yoldash" (one who shares the same path) also have a similar meaning in Turkish.

I hope it helps

Natso said...

Found your blog for the same reason. I'd be also very much interested in finding similar words in Kazakh and Mongol languages.
A comment on pronunciaton of "єргєн", it sounds like "urgun". Sometimes the letter "Ө" is not recognized on the webpages and appears like є.

Anonymous said...

Here is another set that I always found interesting:
English: Shoe
Mongolian: гутал (gutal)
Korean: gudu
Japanese: kutsu

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