New pictures of Occator coming soon

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

At long last, we're very close to getting pictures of Occator (the crater with the bright spots on Ceres) from Dawn's current and closest orbit. Mark Rayman's Dawn Journal goes over the mission in February in general, and in a comment below he said the folllowing:

Marc Rayman: 03/01/2016 03:43 CST

ChrisMan and Franklin: I appreciate your interest in Occator, and I understand your eagerness. We have released several images of it from our third mapping orbit at 915 miles. I mentioned in my Feb. 5 mission status report on the Dawn website that we were not even going to acquire our first picture of it in this fourth mapping orbit until late February. As I also explained there, we will release the pictures after following our normal process.
So that along with Super Choose Day today makes the beginning of this month a very memorable one.


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