Air Canada to order 45 CSeries jets

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Well this is a big relief: Air Canada has decided to buy 45 CSeries jets, with an option for 30 more. For those who don't know the CSeries is a jet that Bombardier probably shouldn't have made because it was too ambitious, but since they have managed to pull it off by the skin of their teeth the world is better off for it, because it really is a fantastic jet.

The short explanation for it is this: you know those small regional jets you sometimes fly at the end of a long trip, when you're feeling at your worst? At those times the plane itself just happens to fit with your mood, with the cramped quarters and overall regional, tired feel. This jet makes even these flights a treat. Not that I've flown one yet, but the reviews say it all, and it's basically the Dreamliner or the A350 of regional jets. Even has a window in the bathroom.

This order brings the number of planes ordered to some 300 or so, and is their first one in a long time.

It's especially important because Bombardier seems to be so bad at sales, at least in the environment where Boeing and Airbus are so keen to undercut them or do whatever they can to sell their planes instead.

Let's hope Iran decides to buy a few of them too.


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