My new favourite Chrome extension: Youtube Playback Speed Control

Saturday, December 05, 2015

It's a simple one you can see here, which slows down or speeds up playback on YouTube.

Why is that useful, given that YouTube already has the option to slow down or speed up playback? Well, it's because of this.

The first reason is that the only slower option below standard is 0.5, which is awkwardly slow at times. 0.5 can be good when necessary, but when you understand most of a language and just want to slow things down a little bit it's overkill. This Chrome extension gives the option of 0.75, which is perfect.

The other reason is that speed can be controlled with a single keystroke, instead of having to click on the menu. That lets you slow things down when necessary, and even speed the video up to 2 or 3 times normal speed when going through a section without dialogue.


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