Germany's Final Days of Peace is done

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Well, it was done a week ago. Yesterday my copy arrived in the mail and now that I can confirm that it looks as good as I had hoped, I can give the link to where it can be bought.


(or just go to that page and click on the like button, that helps too)

A quick shot of two pages in the book just now using a laptop camera:

and me holding it earlier:

So looks like I can get back to updating here more frequently.

Parts 2 and 3 will depend on how well this one does, since a translation really is an endurance-based task, and once it's done then the question is whether people in the target language are going to want to read it. Sometimes I wonder whether this isn't a really niche book to translate, but then again books like this one on the leadup to the Great War have done great, and this book is from the same era.

Now, a book on the leadup to the Franco-Prussian war, or the politics of the Deutscher Bund? That one probably wouldn't sell.



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