Defrakturization of Erstes Deutsches Buch just about done

Sunday, February 01, 2015

I've just about completed the defrakturization of this book:

as you can see here.

This book is from 1880, and is one of those books that uses the 'natural method', one that uses the target language only and builds in difficulty as the reader goes. I'm not entirely sure whether this book can be made into anything useful in the modern age, but I had a few days sitting somewhere without wifi for a few hours each day and decided to type it out. Still has quite a few typos.

I'm not sure whether the book would be best left to its own because of the historical interest, or modified and expanded a bit into something more useful for modern German learners. That would mean taking out the -e Dativ in most places, plus the part where races are used to explain colours.

I think my favourite part is where they use Grab to explain the difference between Akkusativ and Dativ. You put someone in the grave (Akkusativ) for their eternal rest, and they lie in the grave (Dativ) to rest. The grave is always cold, always dark, etc. etc. They really talk about the grave a lot in this book.


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