New poll on language sonority

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I put up a new poll yesterday that is a little bit down the page at the moment, for one more day at least until the previous poll on Catalonia is finished. After tomorrow it'll move up.

The new poll asks readers which languages they find particularly pleasing as a dubbed language in songs such as those found in Disney movies, because I'm curious whether my impressions are subjective or not. I've found the following for some:

Scandinavian languages: all sound quite good. Icelandic is included here though it doesn't sound quite as awesome as I had hoped.

German: pretty much just sounds like German. Which is to say it sounds good but songs don't really come across as better or worse than spoken German. As a fan of German I like it of course, but I imagine those that don't like it don't enjoy hearing it sung either.

Italian: surprisingly bad. Meter is always off and I think it has to do with the language's rigidity when it comes to vowels.

EU Portuguese and French: two of my favourites. Always come across great due to being able to swallow vowels. They seem very adaptable compared to Italian.

Dutch: like German above. Just sounds like Dutch.

Bulgarian: another nice surprise. Bulgaria always seems to have quality singers. Also sounds much better than Russian. Then again I'm not a fan of the sound of Russian in general.

Slovene / Slovenian: my favourite Slavic language sung, along with Bulgarian.

So those are a few of my impressions. Your mileage may vary, which is why I've put the poll up. The languages listed in the poll come from the ones Frozen was dubbed into, which should cover most of the languages one will see songs dubbed into.


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