What will happen to Catalonia?

Friday, November 28, 2014

Two or so weeks ago the poll on what readers think Catalonia should do ended, and it was surprisingly close to the actual results of the referendum / consultation:

Yes, I want Catalonia to become a State, and for it to be independent.
  80 (57%)
Yes, I want Catalonia to become a State, but not independent.
  25 (18%)
No, I do not want Catalonia to become a State.
  33 (23%)

Nombre de votes jusqu'à présent : 138

So that was quite interesting. Now the consultation is over and Spain is not happy with the results, calling it a illegal, a waste of time, a clear sign that support for independence is low (taking into account the overall turnout), etc.

Okay, so one more question on Catalonia. What *will* happen to Catalonia? Will it stay in Spain, leave it, leave it and violence will occure, etc. etc. Sometimes referendums/a occur where independence later happens, but sometimes there are votes for independence that just end up with some extra automony and everyone decides that this is actually a fine state of affairs after all. Make your predictions!


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