Germany in 1912: Images 306 to 310

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hamburg - The unloading of charcoal. -- This operation will soon only be done automatically, just as it is done in America.

Hamburg -- The bronze fountain that stands in the middle of the Rathaus courtyard, is of a rather original and pretty character.

Hagenbeck's Menagerie: Some of the turtles can be sold for quite a sum, those such as flat turtles and alligator turtles. The testuda geometrica is worth up to 30 francs.

Hagenbeck's Menagerie: The bottle-feeding of lion cubs. -- Mr. Hagenbeck has had goats that have nourished tigers, and female tigers that nourish dogs.

Hagenbeck's Earthly Paradise is a set of gardens, ponds, rocks and mountains where his fierce animals roam free.


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