Germany in 1912: Images 291 to 295

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Sandtor Basin is no less than 1,030 metres in length and 90-130 metres in width. This is where the English, Norwegian and Dutch ships approach.

The Church of St. Nicolas, located in the market square for hops, has a Gothic tower of 147 metres, one of the highest in Europe.

Hamburg. -- The wheat elevators are here to receive wheat from the wagons and to dump them into cargo boats. Equipped with fans, they dispose of the wheat dust that way.

Hamburg. -- A crane with a force of 75,000 kilos and a volley of 30 metres that lifts the coal cars and empties them into the barges.

A hangar on the Schuppen dock. -- In the colossal port of Hamburg there are also more than 80 hangars of 120 to 450 metres in length and 20 to 60 metres in width.


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