Germany in 1912: Images 276 to 280

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hamburg. - The Rathaus, rebuilt some ten years ago, is a fine edifice of stone, surmounted by a tower of 112 meters, harmonious in its heaviness.

The Fleth District. - The term "Fleth" the many canals that criss-cross the old city. Two rivers here are connected through sluices.

Hamburg. - The Alster-Flag is a cafe-restaurant built on stilts, one of the most frequented in the city. Beside it are the Hamburgerhof and superb hotel Vierjahreszeiten.

The Bridge of the River Elbe was completed in 1888. At its ends rise large brick Gothic gates, which give it an imposing and monumental character.

The Commemorative Monument of 1870-1871. - Its breadth and its banality give a fairly accurate idea of most German patriotic monuments.


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