Germany in 1912: Images 181 to 190

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The welding of bulbs of serum is done each day in the thousands.

One of the many laboratories of the house of Cassella in Mainkur, united in a cartel with the plant of Hoechst.

The French village has Mr. Hahn as its pastor (above on the left), of Swiss origin like all his precedessors.

The oldest house in the village.

The few French here above have really conserved the type of our race in spite of interbreeding, and the main street of the village with its church does not differ in appearance from those of our towns.

At the chemical products factory of Hoechst (close to Frankfurt) one finds a bacteriological station and a production line of serums. Above one sees the bottling of serum, and below, the packaging of the bottles.

At Hoechst, when powdered materials are being put into barrels, workers are protected by the dust by a circulation of air.

The transport of rust by a moving magnet.

The bacteriological station at Hoechst contains a barn for laboratory animals.

An ophthalmic reaction is done on an ox.


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