Germany in 1912: Images 110 to 120

Monday, June 09, 2014

Grosse Fischergasse. - The large street of the Fishers has a picturesque appearance with its old houses, some of which are decorated with scenes in very interesting relief.

The Palmengarten, on the road of Bockenheim, is a nice park with quiet lakes, shady paths drawn with art, the delight of Frankfurters. It contains vast greenhouses with a varied and incomparable variety of flowering plants.

Krupp. -- The hydraulic press. Under the pressure of this powerful machine, which can go up to 5000 tonnes, the still red steel block receives its first forming.

Frankfurt. -- Two great poets, who were also two great friends: on the right Goethe, the author of Faust, and on the left Schiller, the author of William Tell.

Frankfurt -- The Bell Tower in Opera Square.

Frankfurt. -- Eschenheim Tower, which dates from the 15th century, stands at the entrance to the Grosse Eschenheimer Strasse.

Frankfurt. -- Tradition gave rise to Luther in this medieval residence with multiple overhangs dressed in slate.

Frankfurt. -- The Saalhof has undergone numerous changes over the centuries. Only the tower and its turrets on top have retained their original appearance.

The Palmengarten, located in the city itself on the location of the Winter Gardens of the Duke of Nassau, is almost unique in Europe in its exotic flora.

Frankfurt. - Among the many bridges which link Frankfurt over the beautiful river Main to its suburb of Sachenhousen the most beautiful is the Old Bridge, which existed already in 1222.


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