Simplicissimus, the pan-Germanic magazine

Sunday, May 04, 2014

I found out today about a magazine by the name of Simplicissimus, which, despite its name, is devoted to Germanic-language articles. That is, articles in the magazine are either in English or in another Germanic language with English to the right. There is a lot of Dutch, a good amount of Afrikaans and Norwegian, and Scandinavian languages as well.

Now just to save any readers the time, they only accept submissions from Harvard undergraduate students, being a magazine affiliated with the school.

1. Submissions may be written in any Germanic language (including English), but must be about a Germanic topic.
2. Submissions must have been written at Harvard College or a Harvard-affiliated program by an undergraduate.
3. Submissions done as an undergraduate may be submitted by graduates if the submission is not older than two years.
4. Submissions will be chosen to be included in the journal by a majority vote of the present editorial board.


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