Air Canada gets its first Dreamliner

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Air Canada just got its first Dreamliner today, one that will be used for Toronto - Tel Aviv, and Toronto - Haneda. As a smaller plane than the 777 but nearly the same as a 767, the 787s Air Canada gets will be mostly used to replace 767 routes that cost the carrier too much money in fuel and can't fill up a larger 777 either.

The plane itself is more comfortable, a tiny bit faster (a trans-Pacific flight would take about 30 minutes less), but Air Canada has added an extra row making each seat in economy smaller than its other configurations. So try to book ahead and get at least Premium Economy if you can.

Air Canada will have something like three of these by the end of the summer, and six by the end of the year.

In total this makes about 160 787s in the world now, compared to around 40 or so when I flew on one last October. Still about 800 left to make with orders as they currently stand.


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