Most used languages on Twitter (late 2013 edition)

Monday, December 30, 2013

A link I've been meaning to mention for about a month now - according to a new study Portuguese is in fifth place in terms of tweets. This one seems to have combined languages that should be combined, showing Malay (plus Indonesian I assume) in 4th place.

The rankings are:

English - 36%
Japanese - 16%
Spanish - 12%
Malay - 8%
Portuguese - 6%
Arabic - 6%
French - 2%
Turkish - 2%
Thai - 1%
Korean - 1%

French at 2% seems rather low though. This link places it at just under 4%, which feels more right to me. Hopefully the study in the first link did not simply assume all tweets from certain countries were sent in that language.


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