Readlang now has Afrikaans, plus some new features

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I haven't written about in a while, and during that time it has had some interesting features added.

One change is that Afrikaans has been added - I thought it was already there but it was not, and Steve added it fairly soon after I requested it. Don't forget you can get anything else supported by Google Translate added too...unless it doesn't have spaces between the words.

I forget if I've mentioned this one, but the web reader is for me the most useful change in the past few months. Now the Chrome extension will keep the format of a page you are reading when you click on the green R, in effect putting an invisible Readlang screen on top of the page instead of importing the document and taking you to Readlang to read it and learn the content. This is much better than the previous system, where importing a text often resulted in a few pages of unrelated content (categories, other headlines, email addresses, physical addresses, etc.) before you got to the article. If you look at the front page of for example the first text you will encounter is Abo, then Shop, then TV-Programm, Wetter, Anmelden, Registrieren, Home, Politik, Wirtschaft, and so on.

This change is interesting - a Reddit-like voting system for documents readers have shared. I won't be sharing any of mine as I prefer to delete anything I've read through once, but looking at what others are sharing can give one some good ideas for where to get content.

Finally the most recent one - the ability to type the answers to vocabulary cards instead of just clicking. Makes the process a bit more active.


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