Washington's interest in the smaller Portuguese countries

Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's not very often that one comes across an article on these countries in any detail, so this one is nice to see. There's a little bit about Macau in there too, but only enough to whet one's appetite for more. Doing a quick search in Portuguese the first results are these papers from 1992 and 1996:

http://www.safp.gov.mo/safppt/download/WCM_00388 -- macau, ponte de intercâmbio entre a china eo mundo latino

http://www.safp.gov.mo/safppt/download/WCM_004061 -- MACAU — PONTE ESPECIAL DE LIGAÇÃO ENTRE A CHINA E O MUNDO LATINO

So those are only historically interesting. Looking up the name though we do come across this article from 2009 and we learn a bit about the author:

Gary Ngai Mei Cheong, who is of Chinese origin but was born in Indonesia in 1932, learned his first foreign language, Dutch, when he went to a Dutch primary school. After finishing high school in Jakarta where he also learned English, French and German, he went to Beijing in 1950 to continue higher education at the People’s University majoring in Chinese modern history, philosophy, economics and international relations. After leaving the university in 1956, Mr Ngai worked as a researcher and a translator/interpreter for Chinese top leaders including Chairman Mao Zedong. During his life in China, he picked up two more foreign languages, Italian and Swedish...Mr Ngai and his wife, also a Chinese Indonesian, moved from China to Macau in 1978 for family reunion, since his mother-in-law was expelled from Indonesia where an anti-Chinese movement took place. After over 30 years of living in this territory, Mr Ngai, who has four grandchildren in Australia and one grandson in Macau, also managed to master Portuguese and Cantonese.

Also this one, which looks to be from about the same date.


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