May 19, 1913: new Balkan war foreseen

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thanks to Times Machine it's easier than ever before to get the news from a century ago, and today's paper has a small blurb on page 3:

Daily Chronicle Says Greece and Servia May Fight Bulgaria. 
LONDON, Monday, May 19. -- The Daily Chronicle says that the situation in the Near East has gone from bad to worse and that there is great danger of that troubled region being the theatre of another war. The Chronicle's special Balkan correspondent says he has excellent authority for stating that Greece and Servia, which did not sign the preliminaries of peace, have concluded an agreement which, it is believed, takes the definite form of a treaty, the main points of which are a common policy regarding the conquered territories and an alliance against Bulgaria. There is even danger, says the correspondent, of an immediate ultimatum to Bulgaria.


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