Visitors to Jeju-do up even more, all due to visitors from China

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I keep track of the numbers of visitors to Jeju-do (the island in the south of Korea with the mildest climate in the country) from time to time, and this year's numbers are particularly interesting. A few years ago (seven or eight, I think) Jeju-do established itself as a visa-free zone for certain countries including China, making it the easiest location in the country to visit for a Chinese citizen. Since then the number of Chinese visitors has increased each and every year, and now they make up the vast majority:

More and more foreign nationals are visiting Jeju-do, but in a more skewed fashion. As of the 16th of April, the number of outside visitors to Jeju-do is 394,291, a 40.3% increase compared to the same period last year when the number was 281,052. However, the numbers look very different when visitors from China are excluded. Those from China numbered 277,981, an increase of 78.3% compared to last year's 155,871 at this time. Excluding these, the remainder numbers a total of 83,256, a decrease compared to last year's 92,056 at this time. The number of people from Japan has decreased considerably, decreasing from 46,536 to 30,551, a reduction of 34.3%.

I have one more article I found in Korean on these numbers to reference, and will probably post that tomorrow.

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