Most spoken language in Luxembourg: Luxembourgish

Monday, April 29, 2013

Good news, I suppose:

70.5% of the people in Luxembourg use Luxembourgish as the vernacular in daily life, 55.7% use French and 30.6% speak German at home, school or in the workplace. More than one choice was permitted in the survey. English and Portuguese were spoken by just about as many people, with one in five people using them every day. 
Nationality played an important role: 96.4% of Luxembourg citizens used Luxembourgish in daily life, and over 90% of French, Portuguese and English (UK) citizens all used their mother tongues in daily life. Below this were German citizens with 87.5% of them using German in daily life, and Italians with 84.3%. About half of the Germans, Dutch and Montenegrins in the country speak Luxembourgish, while with the Portuguese, Italian and Belgians in the country about 30% of them spoke it. 
Use of French, the second-most spoken language is as follows: Portuguese, Italian and Belgians used it with an average of 55.7%. German citizens used it least among family, at school and at work with 40.8%.

The original article has some more numbers on top of these.


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