Hungarian becomes regional language in Vynohradiv

Monday, December 24, 2012

Back in August Ukraine passed legislation regarding minority / regional languages that focused mostly on the Russian-speaking east vs. Ukrainian-speaking west, but another interesting result is found in the far west where Hungarian has been made a regional language:

In the region of Vinohradiv near the Carpathian mountians, Hungarian has been recognized as a national language. From now on, all signs and notices will also be translated into Hungarian. The decision was taken last week under the initiative of the Party of Hungarians in Ukraine and the Democratic Party of Hungarians in Ukraine. The language law that entered into force the 10th of August provides the possibility for bilingualism in regions where the ethnic minority exceeds 10% of the population. Hungarian had already been made a regional language in September in the region of Berehove, in the Carpathians.


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