Link roundup for 18 November 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

--- AP has launched a Spanish-language stylebook, in order to create and maintain a uniform terminology for Spanish news.

--- Stop signs in three languages: this and this one are endangered, this one isn't. Signage is about the easiest way to give an endangered language exposure where it otherwise would only be spoken at home, if that.

--- De Waarheid over Esperanto en Ido on Project Gutenberg, in Dutch with French translation below. Apparently it's by a member of the committee from way back when Ido was first proposed who preferred Esperanto. The Ido featured in the book is a bit archaic.

--- The first collection of data from Dawn has been made public, a total of 11,000 or so images from Approach, Survey, and High-Altitude Mapping Orbit.

--- The Pontifical Academy of Latinity has now been established. Some of the quotes from the article are pretty interesting, as the revival of Latin is seen by many in the church as being necessary to achieve a certain clarity of thought and to understand church doctrine. Along with that one also gets to read thousands upon thousands of ancient to medieval texts without needing a translation.

--- PressTV seems to like Esperanto.


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