Election tomorrow, Romanian at Oxford, effect of intense language learning on the brain

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tomorrow's the big day so posting is light today and probably non-existent tomorrow. My ideal yet realistic result tomorrow will be:

-- Barack Obama reelection. I personally have a bit of a fondness for Romney but his party needs to lose, and nobody is truly sure what his plans are or whether he can stand up to his own party. He certainly did not even show a hint of that in the primaries.
-- Senate the same at 53 to 47. 53 here includes independents who caucus with Democrats.
-- A Democratic gain of about five to ten seats in the House.
-- Losses for certain candidates like Bachmann, Akin, Joe Wilson, etc.

I would be interested in seeing the attitude of the GOP in such a scenario: they would still have the House but with a slightly weaker toehold, Barack Obama would be a guaranteed two-term president (no more making him a one-term president as the highest priority), and maybe, just maybe, in 2016 a candidate like Huntsman could win the nomination.

Now the two articles:

-- Romanian is now being taught at Oxford.

-- Speed-learning a language may help brain grow. This was a study where three months of intense study of normal subjects (medicine and cognitive science) was contrasted with three months of language study. Three months of language study was more beneficial to the brain.


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