Justin Trudeau's Liberal leadership bid speech

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Here it is in full:

A bit over half of it is in French, and with no interpreter jumping in as is the case most of the time with Canadian news. His French seems more commanding than his English which sounds rather gentle in comparison - I'll let native French speakers decide whether this is true or just my impression. Announcing a bid for the leadership now was certainly the right time for him - there will be no election until 2015, and considering how badly the Liberal Party did last time any semi-competent leader of the party should be able to pick up at least a few dozen seats and come out looking better for it.

So what is Trudeau's position on the Canadian Space Agency? Nothing on his site that I can find, and searches for "Justin Trudeau" and "Canadian Space Agency" not surprisingly only turn up articles on Justin Trudeau as leader vs. Marc Garneau (former head of the Canadian Space Agency). On the other hand, Marc Garneau as leader or Marc Garneau as potential Minister of Industry Science and Technology are both better than the status quo, so my vote for 2015 thus far leans towards the Liberals. Lots of time before then though. As a fairly niche voter, any party that offers a detailed plan (and more funding) for Canada's role in space as opposed to mere lip service is most likely to get my vote.


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