Four days until a PQ majority, or minority, or something else

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The election in Quebec is just a few days away, and threehundredeight is now predicting a slim PQ majority or possible slide into a minority. I won't pretend to have any special insight into the Quebec election but it is interesting to read from time to time what individual candidates are saying. This PQ candidate in Hull (just across the river from Ottawa) for example believes that the French language is threatened by English-speaking Ontarians who choose Outaouais for a residence to profit from Quebec's generous social programs and lower cost of living.

Quote: "French has been threatened for a long time in Outaouais. The cost of living and housing is lower and the services offered to families such as kindergartens at $7 is very attractive for more and more Ontarians. That is why one must take the necessary measures to protect our language, as much on the national as the local level. Ontarians are welcome, but they must understand that we are a nation with a francophone majority and where the official language is French."

So after the 4th of September we may see more of this type of talk - how to protect French, strengthen Bill 101, how to keep immigrants to Quebec from moving to the rest of Canada, etc. etc.


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