Sambahsa - Spanish, Latin through Italian, Extr@ transcripts

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Olivier announced today that a Spanish - Sambahsa dictionary has been released, that you can see here on Scribd with a Goldendict version here.

Latin through Italian: a YouTube account here has a ton of videos in Italian on history, linguistics and so on, and the ones on Latin are a total of 40 videos of 40 minutes in length small feat just to listen to all of them once. Episode 19 for example is 40 minutes of explanation on the genitive and the dative. Enjoy.

The last thing to mention today is regarding that show from the early 2000s called Extr@ which was made in three languages (plus English) for learners of these languages: German, French, and Spanish. These episodes are all available online but some don't have subtitles. No problem: it turns out that the entire transcript is available on the Channel Four official site.


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