Practica espanol now receives more than a million visitors per month

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

In October 2010 I found out about a new site by the Instituto Cervantes called Practica Español, with a lot of promise but still no track record. Now it seems to have one: a year and a half after launching it receives over a million visitors per month according to this article I found in Portuguese:

The portal Practica Español has had 1 million monthly visitors since the beginning of the year and 15,000 downloads per month of its video, mp3 and pdf files. The site is growing its presence more and more in Spain, United States, France, Brazil, Italy, Germany, China, Great Britain and Poland. It also shows a continued increase in visits from 130 other countries such as Russia, South Korea, Turkey, UAE, Israel, Macedonia, and Kazakhstan.
The site itself is quite clean and easy to use with a lot of matching text and audio. It does feel more like a blog than a complete site though, and the language options up top don't really mean much as only the titles are translated while the rest of the content is exactly the same: it's certainly no Deutsche Welle where you can find hundreds of lessons (in each language) with audio explanations in some pretty rare languages such as Macedonian and Albanian.


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