Poland's accession to the European Space Agency unanimously approved

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poland has now been approved by the ESA for membership, meaning there are now just documents to sign and an internal ratification process to go through before it becomes the ESA's 20th member state.

The current budget contributions by the 19 member states are:

Member stateESA membershipNational ProgramContr.
(mill. €)
 France30 October 1980CNES751.418.8%
 Germany30 October 1980DLR713.817.9%
 Italy30 October 1980ASI350.58.7%
 United Kingdom30 October 1980UKSA240.06.0%
 Spain30 October 1980INTA184.04.6%
 Belgium30 October 1980BELSPO169.84.2%
 Netherlands30 October 1980NSO60.31.5%
 Switzerland30 October 1980SSO105.62.6%
 Sweden30 October 1980SNSB65.31.6%
 Denmark30 October 1980DTU Space27.80.7%
 Ireland10 December 1980EI15.60.4%
 Norway30 December 1986NSC63.11.6%
 Austria30 December 1986FFG52.21.3%
 Finland1 January 1995TEKES19.40.5%
 Portugal14 November 2000FCT15.80.4%
 Greece9 March 2005ISARS8.60.2%
 Luxembourg30 June 2005Luxinnovation15.00.4%
 Czech Republic12 November 2008CSO11.50.3%
 Romania23 December 2011ROSA7.60.2%

I haven't seen how much Poland is set to contribute but roughly looking at the GDP of these countries it might end up at about 60 million or so.


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